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Apple released an exciting new technology for augmented reality called ARKit at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in May 2017.

ARKit makes creating your own apps and games that use augmented reality experiences on iOS easier than it had been – much of the heavy lifting either had to be done manually or by integrating other platforms into your code.

Some of the things to consider with ARKit is that right now there is not an Android counterpart, and it only will work on iOS 11 and above, which will be released to end users in Fall of 2017. So if you want to test out your ARKit project, you will have to have a device enrolled in the open iOS 11 public beta or in the developer builds of iOS 11.

You’ll also need to use Xcode 9, which you can download through the Apple developer program. You can run Xcode 9 side by side with Xcode 8, which is nice if you are working on an ARKit project, but also have normal apps that need to be submitted to the App Store before Xcode 9 is officially released (again, probably in Fall 2017).

The easiest way to get started will be to use the Unity game development platform, with the ARKit plugin.

Official Apple Resources

Official Unity Resources

Using MapBox with ARKit

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Open Source Example Projects